1. Fill out the application using an INK pen and print neatly. Don’t forget to sign the application.
  2. Send copies of your pay stubs for the last 2 months.
  3. Make copies of your last two years’ IRS forms—all of them, not just the front sheet or just the 1040.
  4. Provide proof of all income listed on the application—for example, Food Stamp award letter, SSI award letter, Child Support orders, etc.
  5. Make copies of your bank statements for the past three months. Do not send originals to us.
  6. Use the enclosed envelope and mail your completed application to Edisto Habitat for Humanity, Post Office Box 2489, Orangeburg, SC 29116-2489.
  7. Send a $10 money order with your application to pay for us to run a credit report.
    • Be sure to send copies, not originals of the requested paperwork.
    • Be sure to use correct postage.
    • Be sure to enclose a $10 money order.

If your completed application seems to meet the “ability to pay” and “need for housing”, you will be asked to schedule several meetings.

1) Application information meeting at the Habitat office for a detailed explanation of our program.

2) A home visit will be scheduled to determine your “need for housing”.

3) An interview with one of our Family Selection Committee members will explain our program to you again and make sure you demonstrate a “willingness to partner”. At this time, you’ll be asked how you will be able to schedule the 350 volunteer hours.

4) Orientation for partner families.

If your application is approved, it might take 3-12 months to qualify for the lot selection waiting list; after that, it will be about 6 months until your home is built. If you have any questions about the process, please call the Habitat office at 536-2300.

If you need financial or housing counseling, you may call Family Services in North Charleston at (843) 735-7802 or find more counselors at

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has information guidelines available on-line to educate you about the house buying/ownership process. You can access this information at'.

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